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The one-level Diploma course is currently being offered by STA, and is administered annually in April and November. In Malaysia, the 3-hour examination is held in Kuala Lumpur and only associate members of the STA are allowed to sit for the examination.  Full membership to STA is awarded to those who have passed the STA Diploma examination and is allowed to use the initials MSTA (Member of Society for Technical Analyst) after their name. MSTA titleholders, associated as very competent in the technical analysis field, are highly sought after by top finance and investment companies worldwide as Senior Technical Analyst, Securities Analyst, Portfolio Fund Manager, Research Analyst, Investment Banker, and Specialist. MSTA Course is one of the finest technical analysis diploma ever recognised in the world, boasting 1000 professional members worldwide. Upon passing the course, the student is granted full membership by the London based UK STA and allowed to use MSTA title as a UK Certified Technical Analyst. MSTA course provides numerous theories, international cases and practical experience designed for professional finance experts which includes high profile portfolio managers, research analysts, business investors, hedge fund managers, forex scalpers and Wall Street traders. The PRIBUMI MSTA course is unique as it exposes students to complex live case studies while learning the theories.  



The STA Diploma is a BDREF-approved course by the Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC), Securities Commission Malaysia.



MSTA is an internationally recognised qualification and is a pre-requisite to becoming a member of the UK Society of Technical Analyst (UKSTA) and a member of the International Federation Of Technical Analyst (IFTA). UKSTA Membership allows its members to further participate in internationally recognised Certified Financial Technician and Masters of Financial Technical Analysis (MFTA) programs.